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Make Housemodels
that look real

house models S

Madhav Khare

It is a sheer joy for children
as well as adults
to make these housemodels. 

Click here to see the video of
how to make 'Kokan House'.

Rs. 250/-

मराठी आवृत्ती - घरे बनवा 

An artist's impression

varanasi final cover 150

Milind Mulick

This book is a compilation of
renowned artist
Milind Mulick's paintings
of Varanasi.




ART and CRAFT - 2

Second part of the
popular book
Art & Craft

art and craft part 2 eng 150

Medha Sudumbarekar

Rs. 140/-

मराठी आवृत्ती - आर्ट अॅन्ड क्राफ्ट २


माधुरी पुरंदरे यांच्या 'सख्खे शेजारी'
या पुस्तकावर आधारित दृक्श्राव्य फीत.