Set of three books on Watercolour

Set of three books on Watercolour

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1. Watercolour

    • ISBN: 978-81-7925-111-9
    • Edition: Second Edition, Twelfth Reprint
    • Pages:128 pages - colour
    • Size:8.5" X 10.8’’

·         This book by Milind Mulick has been in great demand since the first edition. It is unique in introducing the student and enthusiast to the world of watercolour in a step-by-step manner. Mulick’s mastery over the medium is evident. Although he has been influenced by the British tradition of watercolour painting, Mulick’s style has evolved over the years; and has acquired a unique Indian flavour. Vibrancy of colours and an ability to capture the essence of the subject are the hallmark of his paintings.


2. Watercolour Landscapes Step by Step (With Free Demo DVD)

ISBN: 978-81-7925-217-8

    • Edition: First Edition, Second Reprint
    • Pages: 80 colour
    • Size:11'' x 8.25''

Thr Through easy-to-understand chapters - Wash, Wet-in-Wet, Glazing, Brushwork, Subtraction, Direct Approach, Outdoors and assignments he leads the budding watercolourist along the way to becoming a serious painter while enjoying the process.


3. Watercolour Demonstrations


    • ISBN: 978-81-7925-365-6
    • Edition: First Edition
    • Pages: 48
    • Size: 8.5" x 10.8"

A few demonstrations along with detailed notes are given for practice.