So Many Ways

So Many Ways

  • Illustrator: Raju Deshpande
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Pages: 32 cards
  • Size: 6.75" x 4.6"

About the book

A set of 32 cards

We always say ‘there are many ways to do things’ or ‘there are many ways to look at things’. Have we ever explored these possibilities? How do we know that they exist? Or are these just hollow expressions that hold no truth?

I decided to check the validity of this phrase. I created one simple drawing and I painted the same drawing every day with different media on different materials for one month (I used only black colour for all these paintings). After a month when I saw these paintings together I was really convinced- ‘Yes! Certainly there are many ways to do things, to look at things’.

Here are these 32 cards to share my experience with you. If I add just one more colour to paint them the possibilities multiply. And another and another, there is no end.

This is a call to scribble, to paint, to write, to sing - there are so many ways to do it.