Kirdar (English Alphabets)

Kirdar (English Alphabets)

  • Illustrator: Raju Deshpande
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Size: 5.5'' x 5.5"

About the book

All the things we use, all the products we consume, all the relations we have are multi-faceted. But most of the time we deal with only one attribute of these things. Take a coffee mug for example, it has a peculiar shape, a unique design and colour, it makes a certain sound if we tap it with a spoon. But we only drink coffee from it and ignoreall its other traits.

Similarly, when we see an alphabet or a word the first thing we do is read it. But alphabets are shapes and sounds also, and we are completely blind to those. In these sets of cards I am looking at all the English and Devnagari alphabets as shapes and forms, and they now appear very different to me. For me these are characters and faces themselves.

These cards can be used as a teaching aid or for conducting fun activities. They might just help you to discover other hidden faces that form your surroundings.