Master Artist Baburao Sadwelkar

Master Artist Baburao Sadwelkar

  • ISBN: 9788179254820
  • Edition: First
  • Pages: 32
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Useful for: Art schools
  • INR 120
    INR 108

About the book


Prof. Baburao Narayan Sadwelkar (BNS) is a renowned name in Indian Art World. Apart from his solid contribution to Indian Art, his own body of work is inspiring and varied.

This book represents a collection of landscapes done in the watercolour and opaque medium on the spot, mainly from his days in Kolhapur and his years in mumbai while at the Sir. J.J. School of Art.

One can witness a change and development in approach, handling of tools, experiments with medium and an influence of some Western painters. Apart from recording an aesthetic journey of the artist, landscapes that were done from various locations in Mumbai, The monumental buildings and their historic importance. This canvas, a variety of historic collection will open a new avenue to young painters of today's times. Over 200 landscapes painted sitting on the streets of Mumbai in the early 50s reflect the artist's response to reality – a dream of any artist today.