Journey so far...

Journey so far...

Milind Mulick , Co written by Priya Sathe
  • ISBN: 9788194421344
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Pages: 84
  • Size: 10" x 11"
  • Cover: Hardbound
  • INR 650
    INR 585

About the book

A collection of watercolour paintings by Milind Mulick.

 “Painting, like all other art forms, is primarily about communication.
Every painting starts with a visual that gets filtered by the artist’s experience,
perception and thought process. Each one has an idea to convey and a story to tell.
This book is a candid account of the part of my journey that can be put in words.
It talks about what inspires me, motivates me, makes my creative urge tick!
This book is ‘One for the road’.”

- Milind Mulick